I have worked with Jon as my go to drummer on numerous recording projects and live tours for 5 years now. Prior to working with Jon I had worked with a verity of drummers until Jon auditioned for a record I was producing and I’ve never used another drummer since. We have toured together with Jon in my solo band and we have worked together on the award winning ‘Confessions of a Romance Novelist’ album by The Anchoress as well as my Top 20 debut solo album Spooky Action. Jon plays all drums on both these records. Jon is currently working with me on my second solo album and his skill and professionalism are invaluable as previous projects. Jon is pivotal to my live band. I can’t recommend him highly enough for both his technical ability as a drummer and also for him being a great person and valued member of my musical team.
Paul Draper
I’ve always found Jon to be the consummate professional. His sensitivities in achieving a dynamic performance while embodying a serious yet relaxed demeanor are second to none. It is always reassuring knowing Jon is there keeping a solid groove at the back of the stage.
Andy Gillespie, Simple Minds
I have known Jon as a good friend and fellow musician for many years. His skills as a drummer cover all styles of music and his sense of dynamics and emotional feel has always been an important and creative bonus to any musical project we’ve worked on. His exuberant and fun personality is matched by his enthusiasm and professional approach. As a bass player it’s great to know Jon is there, solid and always dependable. Great fun to be with and great to work with.
Matthieu Hartley, The Cure
Jon has played drums with The Anchoress since the inception of the project. As well as recording in the studio for the critically acclaimed debut album in 2016, he appears on all the studio tracks for the forthcoming sophomore release. Highlight live shows include playing at the Eden Project in Cornwall to 15,000 people, Bristol Sounds (5,000), Royal Festival Hall (3,500 people), Womad Festival (headlining the Bowers & Wilkins stage), Latitude Festival, opening the main stage at Liverpool Sound City, headlining the BBC6 Music stage at the Great Escape, headlining a sold-out show at the Bush Hall in London. Jon is an incredibly intuitive and flexible session player with a great sense of serving the song first and foremost. He is a joy to work within a studio setting, open to direction, and able to range in style from heavy rock to orchestral percussion.
The Anchoress
It’s rare that you get a standout talent like Jon, I’ve worked with him in both the studio and Live and he is always a pleasure to work with. He’s also played drums on a few of the albums I’ve mixed recently, if I need drums I call Jon. – Paul ‘PDub’ Walton (mix engineer for Bjork, Madonna, Birdy, Gavin James, Mansun, The Anchoress, All Saints, The Spice Girls, No Doubt, U2, Paul Draper)
Paul ‘PDub’ Walton
I have known Jon now for 14 years, I have worked with him on and off for all these years. Not only has he been an exemplary drummer, musical director, friend but an amazing human being with lots of love and empathy towards his fellow band, crew, and family. Also on tour meeting all of his friends then you realize the size and warmth of his personality. In the last 2 years I have been lucky to have helped him on his latest projects and I have seen not only his playing but his professionalism grow into an enormous force and leadership. I am very lucky to say Jon is a friend and always look forward to seeing and working with him. – Ian Laughton (sound engineer for Supergrass, Ash, Razorlight, Florence and the machine, Two door cinema club, The Upper Room, Nada Surf, Paul Draper)
Ian Laughton
I was introduced to Jon as a fan of Paul Drapers music, and I am glad it happened! Jon has rapidly become an inspiration to many Drummers, including myself. With his innovative and transparent yet technical style, Jon plays with clarity and shows way beyond competence both live and recording. He has learned the Mansun back catalogue to perfection live and his own input to Paul Drapers solo work shows a real creative talent. I’d be very happy having him as the “Heart Beat” of my band… Andy Salter of Souljacker (Writer/Musician/Producer)
Andy Salter

“All the more impressive is Jon Barnett’s drumming on Feeling My Heart Run Slow, the broken up beats and constant changes in rhythm that are so essential in the original version are replicated and accentuated with a flourish that only great drummers can achieve.”


“The three new songs each have moments I like in them, on Feeling My Heart Run Slow Jon Barnett, drummer in our musical collective, plays outstanding drums which is so complex on verse two of the track any drummer will appreciate his skills on the kit. His groove is solid and we have such a close musical understanding our pre-recording dicussions are in a form of musical shorthand that only me and Jon understand, we rarely finish an explination, just nod, wink, a yep and a no, a quick play through and were up to shape.”

Interview: Paul Draper (Mansun)

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